Zahidah Zeytoun Millie

Zahidah Zeytoun Millie

DSC_0242 - Copy

Zahidah’s work comes directly from the mangroves.  Painted from her kayak, Zahidah gathers 50 sketches as a one-piece mosaic, each upon a music stand, gathered together as if an orchestra.  The large size painting ’Coffee Morning’, representing her daily world amidst the expanse of the UAQ mangroves, is the ‘conductor’ of her display.

Zahidah also presents a further 50 watercolours framed on the wall.  The artist plays with the form, lines, colour and texture to create the effects of natural energy, playfulness, sadness, softness and depth.  A sculpture depicts the beauty of the mangroves at sea bed level.  A lifelike display of the mangrove shoreline with detritus of human civilisation stands at the entrance to the gallery space.

Zahidah is a masters graduate in Visual Arts from Monash University.  A thematic artist, her work focuses on humanity and nature, influenced by mythology, poetry, science and philosophy.  Her work often highlights forgotten issues.  Her 2008 ‘Al Safha to Starchitecture’ project at RAKHCT highlighted the cause to revive regard for traditional UAE coastal and mountain architecture.  Zahidah now turns her energy to celebrating the wonder of the UAE’s little-known forests: the coastal mangroves.  She embarks on an ambitious project gathering 10 artists with a range of media to celebrate the multi-sensory beauty of the mangroves with a multi-media exhibition. An exciting challenge, the new project has quickly grabbed a life of its own, moving her along in its wake. Emotions have been important as the mangroves are a source of power, beauty, energy and simplicity. Zahidah has worked almost entirely from her kayak in the mangroves, water colours upon different types of paper. She plays with the form, lines, colour and textures to create the effects of natural energy, playfulness, softness and depth.

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